How to auto login in Alliance Broadband – IP Connector after sudden disconnection?

Holla Alliance Users,

We all love to download, specially during the happy hours (01:00 to 09:00). But what if there is a sudden connection problem for a minute or so and your internet gets logged out while you are in a deep sleep dreaming about about your high speed download in progress which in reality is stopped as its logged out !

Almost all of us have faced this issue sometimes in our life. So to get rid of this nasty problem, I created a batch file which when used along with Alliance’s IP Connector software allow you to keep your system logged in to the internet forever.

My script automatically runs the IP Connector software and auto logs in for the first time. Now after a period of time say 15 minutes, it kills (like end task) the IP Connector and again restarts it. So if by any chance you get logged out during that 15 minute duration, you are back online now as IP Connector gets restarted.

The time I mentioned in the script is 900 (in seconds – 15 min X 60) and you can modify it. But it’s not recommended.

Some Requirements:

1. Place Connector.exe directly in C: Drive
2. In IP Connector, go to setting after Right Clicking it. Check-Save Password, Auto Login options (MUST)

Here goes the script (v1.0) source code


@echo off
start "Starting IP Connector" "C:\Connector.exe"
timeout /t 1200 >null
taskkill /f /im Connector.exe >nul
goto loop


1. Paste the scripts in notepad and save it as “connect.bat” (without the quotes and with .bat extension)

2. Now, close IP Connector if it is already running.

3. Start the .bat file (connect.bat) created above.

4. IP Connect will auto start now and auto restart after 20 minutes.

This is in beta state and I’ll continuously try to make it better. So please bookmark this page for quick reference.


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  • Pratik Jain

    Is there any method to do the same if I use a wireless router to connect to Alliance broadband?

    • Srijit Banerjee

      Ya this process also works if you use a wireless router. Infact I use one. But this if for users who use PC for downloading stuffs.

      • Pratik Jain

        You mean for those who use a lan wire to connect their PC to the router? I am talking about wireless..

        • Srijit Banerjee

          Are you speaking about laptops?

          • Pratik Jain

            Yes, obviously, since I mentioned “wireless”.. I don’t think the IPConnect application works over wi-fi..

          • Srijit Banerjee

            Yes it will work seamlessly. Try it out. Cheers ! :D

  • Sumitro Bhaumik

    Do you, by any chance, have the source code of the IP Connector? One annoying thing is that it opens the browser after logging in. I want to block this behaviour :(

    • Srijit Banerjee

      Sorry I’m not the creator of IP Connect. But the webpage opening thing was solved long time back by me. Just follow this, When the page opens click on the small yellow notification window in the taskbar (beside the clock) where it says Opening “My Account” or similar text. From next time the webpage will not open any more. Also download the updated IP Connect from the User Portal. Cheers :)

  • Rohan

    Thanks for this, i was wondering… will it be possible to port IP connect app to android? it will be easier to login in that case.

    • Srijit Banerjee

      May be it’s possible but you need to dig deep and find the authentication method they use.. That is IP, Port etc. Someone experienced with Android app development can help us with that.

  • arijeet

    how to configure a beetel router for wifi connection with alliance broadband…pls help me…

    • Srijit Banerjee

      What is the model number of the router? Find the option for Static IP configuration in the Internet connection setup or similar option.

      • arijeet

        model no is beetel 450bxi (adsl2+router) ..we can’t connect cable to the router…how to setup wifi…we can’t setup wifi connection with the router….how to open beetel setup page in pc…

        • Srijit Banerjee

          Sorry to say, the router you specified is not compatible with Alliance Broadband. Buy an ethernet router.

          • SuddhaS Mukhopadhyay

            Hello Srijit , I have as well tried hard . My router is Beetel 450 TC1 ADSL2 + Router. Can you please help me out , it’s urgent.

          • Srijit Banerjee

            ADSL routers are not compatible with alliance broadband. Buy a router with ethernet WAN port

        • arijeet

          how to configure the modem…

  • sounak

    recently i format my pc so i can not find IPConnect(Alliance Broadband Kolkata).exe softyware pls help me to download and from which link

    • Srijit Banerjee

      First of all configure the IP address properly as given by your ISP. If you don’t remember them, call customer care.
      After IP Configuration. Open your browser and go to any site. You will be redirected to Alliance Login page. Now, On that page, you will fine on the left hand side menu, “Download IP Connector”. Click on it. Download will start.


    i am a new customer of alliance broadband .i have a laptop in which it is installed.i recently bought a desktop and want to use alliance broad band in it also.after putting ip properly alliance broadband page is opend but when i log in using user id there are error msg. like follows….
    1. this pc is not authorised to log in.
    2. mac mismatch
    if u help me such that i can use it laptop and desktop both .

    • Srijit Banerjee

      Hi. Basically it’s a minor error. Since the Hardware (MAC Address) of your NIC is changing it’s not allowing you to login. Just call the customer care and tell them to reset your MAC. Also mention them that you don’t want to bind your MAC,
      But it will be better for you to get a router and share your internet seamlessly.

      • BIMAN BOSE

        i have changed mac address of my pc and able to connect alliance broadband in desktop mac address of my pc and laptop are same (alliance broadband is installed in laptop primary).
        will there be any problem of auto updation of operating system because i am using genuine copy of windows operating system?
        share ur valuable suggestion for me.

        • Srijit Banerjee

          See basically having same MAC for multiple PC is not at all recommended. It may cause conflicts in the network operations. Though I’m not sure if Windows updates will get affected or not but u should use original MAC addresses.

  • sounak

    i am using alliance broadband recently i format my pc so i can not find IPConnect(Alliance Broadband Kolkata).exe and i also don’t from where to downloads the software .U have replied me how to download but i am unable to do so for that reason i can not connect to my internet .My friend using bsnl broadband please send me the webpage of IPConnect.exe where i can download the software via bsnl broadband and later on i can transfer to my pc.

    • Srijit Banerjee

      Afer PC Formatting, u need to configure ur IP address properly. If u don’t know them call customer care.

      U must have the setup of IP Connect.

      U can download from here :

  • Pratim Chakraborty

    i have upgraded my windows to 8.1 from 7 ,Though i had noted down that IP address which i was using for windows 7 and successfully used it again but sadly sometimes my IP connector stops responding .what should i do ?

  • Anupam Mukhopadhyay

    Hi Srijit. I have recently shifted to Alliance broadband from Wishnet Broadband. Earlier I had successfully configured the Wifi router when on Wishnet. However once I tried to configure it for Alliance it’s not working. After the configuration I can ping the DNS of the ISP but while trying to login I am getting MAC Mismatch error. I have tried to clone the MAC address of the laptop to the router but still getting same error. MAC cloning supposedly should solve the problem if the ISP checks the MAC address before login but it isn’t helping. Do you know how to fix it?

    • Srijit Banerjee

      When you took alliance for the first time, your laptop was connected to it?
      Yes, MAC cloning should have fixed the problem, but if it doesn’t call their toll free number and tell them to reset your MAC. That’s it.

  • Avijit

    when i install the ip connect software from the alliance homepage and try to open it after installation, it says “settings not found! cannot continue” can u help me out plz….

  • Soumyajit Das

    Srijit da….login korte parchi na…MAC mismatch bolche…ki korbo ???

    • Shantanu Biswas

      Do the MAC Cloning for the LAN port in router that you’ve connected with your pc…’ll copy the same mac address of WAN port that is connected on router.

  • Chaman Chowdhary

    Hey you don’t need to do this just mail them @”” with your user name and ask them to enable auto login. Then no need to login from pc.

  • gautam roy

    how to download ip connecter

    • Srijit Banerjee

      http://Your default gateway IP]/0/up/IPConnectInstaller.exe