How to auto login in Alliance Broadband – IP Connector after sudden disconnection?

Holla Alliance Users,

We all love to download, specially during the happy hours (01:00 to 09:00). But what if there is a sudden connection problem for a minute or so and your internet gets logged out while you are in a deep sleep dreaming about about your high speed download in progress which in reality is stopped as its logged out !

Almost all of us have faced this issue sometimes in our life. So to get rid of this nasty problem, I created a batch file which when used along with Alliance’s IP Connector software allow you to keep your system logged in to the internet forever.

My script automatically runs the IP Connector software and auto logs in for the first time. Now after a period of time say 15 minutes, it kills (like end task) the IP Connector and again restarts it. So if by any chance you get logged out during that 15 minute duration, you are back online now as IP Connector gets restarted.

The time I mentioned in the script is 900 (in seconds – 15 min X 60) and you can modify it. But it’s not recommended.

Some Requirements:

1. Place Connector.exe directly in C: Drive
2. In IP Connector, go to setting after Right Clicking it. Check-Save Password, Auto Login options (MUST)

Here goes the script (v1.0) source code


@echo off
start "Starting IP Connector" "C:\Connector.exe"
timeout /t 1200 >null
taskkill /f /im Connector.exe >nul
goto loop


1. Paste the scripts in notepad and save it as “connect.bat” (without the quotes and with .bat extension)

2. Now, close IP Connector if it is already running.

3. Start the .bat file (connect.bat) created above.

4. IP Connect will auto start now and auto restart after 20 minutes.

This is in beta state and I’ll continuously try to make it better. So please bookmark this page for quick reference.


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