How to integrate CCAvenue payment gateway with Resellerclub


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Some background details: (Please read)

  • It’s my first experience with CCAvenue payment gateway and resellerclub platform.
  • PHP is not known to me. But where there is google you can learn everything.
  • Searched extensively for any how-to regarding this integration process, but failure.
  • Coders, on freelancer sites are offering to interate at a hefty price value of INR 6000 to INR 18000. (USD 100 – USD 300). Too much for a budget startup like mine.
  • Chat Support from CCAvenue is unacceptable. You are on the waiting line forever.
  • Phone Support from CCAvenue is good but they sometimes hang up the phone without speaking.
  • Phone support means you have to spent some good amount of money for your phone bills. In my case it was STD Call.
  • Very slow response from resellerclub email support. Consider no technical support from them.
  • I was determined to set this up by any means possible. Went through the CCAvenue and Resellerclub integration manuals for atleast 15 times thoroughly.
  • Downloaded the integration kits, fired up google and Notepad and started the coding process. Linked with my domain. Bingo! It worked.

How to set it up?

So, these are the reasons why I am writing this post now. I believe in sharing knowledge with others can help our knowledge to expand. I may be wrong in my coding practice as I am extremely amateur when it comes to PHP.

Coders who are currently reading this post are requested to suggest any change which can make the system secure and more user friendly.

While writing the integration steps, I will assume that you have setup your domain as a customised Resellerclub selling portal and you have got your CCAvenue acccount activated and you have your Merchard ID(MID) and the access codes and keys at hand.

For those who have little or no experience with the DNS configuration thingy, the following guide will quickly guide you through the steps for creating appropriate subdomains to host payment integration files:

  1. Get yourself a free/paid hosting account here. I prefer paid hosting account as they are more reliable. Click here( to get a hosting account.
  2. Go to your hosting DNS Management tab. In my case I use Hurricane Electric’s free DNS Service as they are fast and propagations are pretty quick.
  3. Suppose you have your selling portal at With this registered at your web hosting site create a subdomain of your choice. For example :
  4. Point an A record for to your hosting server’s IP address.
  5. Next step create a index.php file inside your pay subdomain’s root folder creating a redirect to your original site. As you don’t want your customers to look into your source codes of your php file.
  6. Check if it is working by going to (May take some time for global DNS propagation)
  7. As you are done with this step, keep in hand the hosting server’s FTP access details, your CCAvenue merchant ID, key and reseller club key.
  8. To create a custom payment gateway, in reseller club, follow this step. Login to your reseller club account.
  9. Click Add a gateway -> Add any other Payment Gateway
  10. Then again follow step 8.
  11. Click Manage on the new gateway and then copy the key. We’ll need it later.
  12. That’s all for resellerclub settings. Download the Integration kits from Resellerclub and CCAvenue website.
  13. In Part 2 we’ll see how to do the scripting and complete the integration process.
  14. The scripting requires some PHP knowledge but I have prepared it for you to use it.

For integration support / installation contact me here and I will try to respond ASAP.

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