[Fix] Bricked LG Optimus L3 E400

Download all required files from : http://bit.ly/1zAnHR8 Recently I downloaded an OTA update for LG E400 but the phone didn’t start again after the update and hanged. Every time I restarted the phone it booted directly into the CMW. After a lot of google search, found a solution to fix Bricked LG Optimus L3 E400 . Here is the detailed step by step guide. All the files I needed for this fix is available under the following link. Download all required files from : http://bit.ly/1zAnHR8 Note: For me the firmware V100L is an Indian Edition. You may need to search and download versions specific to your country. Warning: Your contacts, messages may get deleted after the operation. In my case they were intact though. Steps:

  • Install the LG Driver files provided in the link.
  • Get your device into emergency mode —>remove the battery and put is back again and then press vol UP + vol DOWN + power button at once.Then wait for a vibration. Now you will see a emergency mode written on yellow background.

    Emergency Mode – LG E400

  • Connect your LG L3 to your PC using USB cable.
  • Next open KDZ updater (Run as Administrator only) and select >>  Type: 3GQCT — PhoneMode:DIAG

    LG KDZ Updator

  • Select the .kdz firmware file that you have downloaded in the KDZ file section.
  • We are ready to start the process. Click on the “Launch software update” , it will take some time to finish. If everything goes okay, then you will see a “Finished” message in log. Now your phone has been switched off from Emergency mode.
  • Next ,turn it on. This will also take some time. Don’t worry, its normal the first time.

You have successfully completed unbricking process.! Install CMW for LG Optimus L3 E400:

  • Connect your phone using the USB Cable.
  • Extract CMW installer
  • Close & Exit if bluestacks is installed in your PC
  • Run the .bat file.
  • Voila! CMW will be installed in your phone.

LG Optimus L3 E400 Root:

  • Connect phone.
  • Extract Super one click.
  • Run the .exe.
  • Select Rage.
  • Start rooting.

LG Optimus L3 E400 Increase Internal Memory:

  • Connect the SD Card to the card reader.
  • Run Mini tool partition wizard.
  • Create a Fat32 partition for the data store. (Say 6.5 gb of a 8 gb card)
  • Create a ext2 partition for the app installation (Say 1 gig)
  • Click apply.
  • Insert card in your phone.
  • Install Link2Sd from play store. Select ext2. Reboot phone.
  • Now link all apps u want to move to sd card.

Enjoy.. 🙂

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