Setting up DLink DIR-615 Router for Cable Broadband

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On April 16, 2013
Last modified:September 30, 2013


Awesome router for both home and office use. Built in firewall and the most interesting part is the IPv6 support.

The D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N Router provides better wireless signals for your network than existing wireless 802.11g technology. D-Link Wireless N Router DIR-615 offers decent Wireless-N performance at a very affordable price. It also has a responsive and intuitive Web interface. At a very affordable price, the D-Link Wireless N Router DIR-615 makes a great entry-level Wireless-N router and would satisfy most situations where a wireless network is needed. The D-Link Wireless N Router DIR-615 eliminates any excuse you might have to not move to Wireless-N (300Mbps speed cap). While the DIR-615 lacks Gigabit Ethernet and USB ports, it has everything else you’d want from a Wireless-N router. It has decent wireless throughput speed and range and comes with an easy-to-use Web interface and a generous set of networking features. If you are looking to upgrade your network to Wireless-N and don’t need any fancy features, look no further than the no-frills DIR-615. It’s a great entry-level Wireless-N router that gives you possibly the biggest bang for your buck among wireless routers.

The updated version of this router is DIR-605L.

For any setup queries, problems post a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP.



Setting up DLink DIR-615 Router for Cable Broadband

New Update

How to configure IPv6 connectivity with Tunnel Broker service on DLink DIR-615 router? [Video Tutorial]


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  • Sumit Roy

    Hi Srijit…
    I am also from kolkata…I have few questions regarding dlink dir 615..
    1. I have BSNL Broadband in my home + Alliance question is can i connect both of the using this single modem ?

    2. My higher priority is on Alliance Broadband so question is as you know alliance broadband or any cable broadband authenticate the login after you visit their web site and put you username and password now how that can be achieve even if I put the username and password given to me by alliance in the router’s page…. this are few doubts / confusions that I have presently in my mind and I believe you will help me to solve them…
    please send me a email :


    • 1. You cannot use both BSNL and Alliance using single Router. If you need to this you need router with two WAN Ports. If you want I can give suggestions for that.
      2. For Alliance, its simple login using your web browser. So after you login from any on your PC, then u stay online forever only if you keep your router switched on.

      • Sumit Roy

        Srijit…can I have your phone no . pls….I need to directly talk with you…pls….

        • Sorry, I cannot provide any personal details. Though you can contact me through mail !

  • Anirban Saha

    Hi Srijit…

    Can you please tell me how I can set it up for D-Link Wireless N 300 ADSL2 + Router

  • Shamil

    Hi Srijit,
    Thanks for the video and info.
    I have D-LInk Dir 615 Router which was used in China Now I want to configure that with BSNL broadband.

    1- When I login to D-Link router all details are coming in Chinese , how can I change that to English?
    2- As it was already configured , how can I reset existing data ? and start the configuration again from the beginning ?
    3 – If possible please explain the BSNL broadband to D-link dir 615 router configuration step by step in notes.

  • Pritesh Saha

    Hi, pls you have to help me. i use asus RT-N10E router and megbela broadband. but the login page is a huge problem. after logging in from mobile via router session expires after some time. Is there any way to bypass it??

  • Ankit

    Hi srijit,
    M using a dlink n300 adsl2 router with my bsnl broadband. I have a spare dlink dir 615 router, so is it posible 2 connect it 2 adsl2 router and use as repeater to increase range.n if yes how can u pls help?will doing so affect my connection?

  • Sanatan Halder

    Hi Srijit,
    i just purchase Dir 615 but cant configure with my citi cable connection i just fill up ip details but error says it’s not on that network but with same ip address i can access from my laptop. the Hr Ver is T1. pls help

    • Sanatan Halder

      and also not found how can i upgraded firmware version