Setting up Netgear WGR614 Wireless-N 150 Router for Cable Broadband

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On April 16, 2013
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One of the best Budget router for home use.

In this video tutorial we are going to see how to setup your Netgear WGR614 for your cable broadband. In this scenario I have show how to setup Netgear WGR614 with Alliance Broadband which is a cable broadband ISP in Kolkata. The setup of Netgear WGR614 is similar for any other ISPs like Wishnet and Meghbela Broadband etc. Netgear WGR614 is one of the best cheapest router for your home use. It comes with 1 WAN and 4 LAN ports and 150 mbps wireless N feature. Its wireless range is quite good for a medium size apartment. Netgear WGR614 also has QOS (Quality of service) feature inbuilt which is a great way to control the amount of bandwidth use for every connected system in your network.

For any queries, suggestions please drop in a comment and I will get back to you ASAP.


Setting up Netgear WGR614 Wireless-N 150 Router for Cable Broadband

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  • Ashif Hossain

    HEllo Sir .. Aapne jasa kiya pura mene wasa hi kya hai … lekin mera connect nahi ho raha … limited srvs hai … plz sir help me …

    • What is ur isp?

      • Ashif Hossain

        Meghbela Cable & Broadband Services
        I am Using Netgear Wireless-N 150 Router (WNR612)

        • try pinging ur local gateway : Are u getting response?

          • Ashif Hossain

            Ping korchi Unreachable Bolche …
            Mac Address Ar Kono Bapar Ache ?
            Dada Plz Help Korun .. Ami Mote O Bujte Parchi na Ki Korbe
            Apnar Video te Jamon Ache Ami Puro oee ak e korechi bt kono kaj hocche na …

          • U should get a reply from ping. First contact ISP and check if their connection is up. If not then double check IP config for ur router.

          • Ashif Hossain

            Meghbel Srvs Said That Everything Is OK …
            I Also Contact To Netgear … They Also Said That My Configuration Is Ok… What to Do Sir …
            Amni Router Chara Use Korle thik Thak e cholche ….

          • post a screenshot of your ip configs on ur router.

          • Ashif Hossain

            Please Help Me Sir…..

          • WAN Link is down. Check if WAN Led is on. Plug WAN Cable properly in your router. Others settings are Ok.

          • Ashif Hossain

            So .. U r saying That Router is OK ?
            N The Problem Was In The WAN Cable ?
            But When I am using The Same WAN Cable Without Router the WAN cable Works Perfect …
            So What is The Main Problem ?
            Router Problem ? Or WAN Cable ?

          • May be there is a loose connection with the cable and ur router’s WAN port. Double check it. If not may be wan port is defective.

          • SId

            hii Srijit..I am looking for a wireless-router that can also store username and password ( other than static IP , DNS & Gateway ) and do the login process for Alliiance/citicable/Manthan etc connections by itself , so that once my router is switched on , internet shall also be on . I don’t want to do login from web browser everytime to turn Internet on . Can you tell me please which wireless routers are able to do this ?

          • Aniruddha Pirates Sikdar

            I have same router as ashif says and i have e same problem wan cable without router work properly but when in router the connection lost .. i think its router fault previously i used tplink router i never face this kind of issue wrost router netgear beware from it

  • Richie Maldo

    I am trying to set up my Netgear N-150 as a wired connection to my desktop that does not have wireless capability. Can you help?

    • Connect a cable from desktop lan port to ur router Lan port.

      • Richie Maldo

        I did. But I’m unsure what to use as the IP address and such. I need the router to connect to a wifi network I already have and serve as an access point for my PC.

        • The IP of pc should be 192.168.1.X and gateway should be ur router IP like Use dns as and

        • So this netgear router acts as an access point?

  • Shounak

    Hi Srijit , I have a Netgear N-150 router. I have followed all these steps , still I am not able to connect

    I did these steps :

    1) In basic settings , gave IP and DNS settings as provided by the WishNet .
    2) Gave MAC address of the laptop ( because somewhere I had read that all cable broadband providers do MAC binding , so we need to give system’s MAC instead of router’s default MAC ).

    Am I missing something ? Any help in this regard is much appreciated.

  • vinodreddy 4b7

    hii sir i want small help for u i have two routers in local connection is obtain is given already i connected one router its working fine but now want connected to another router how is connected steps sir pls provide

  • Mayukh Chakraborty

    Hi Srijit,
    Thanks for posting this useful video. However, I am getting stuck at a very basic step during configuration.
    I use Alliance broadband for connection. I have my IP config provided by my ISP in my laptop.
    While trying to configure my router (WNR612), I am connecting my ISP’s internet wire in the WAN port of the router and using a different LAN wire to connect the router with the same laptop.
    After doing all, when I am typing or, I am not able to get the login page. I am getting multiple errors at multiple time – either DHCP errors or page cannot be displayed.
    Please help.

    – Mayukh

    • Mayukh Chakraborty

      Hi Srijit,
      I am able to configure it properly somehow. However, did not do anything new. Somehow it happened.
      Hence, do not need any further help.


  • Amit Paul

    I am using Wishnet and ASUS router. My internet works fine connecting directly to my computer. When I connect it to the router then only Wishnet login page opens fine, after logging in no other website will open. I have correctly configured the ISP settings such as IP,subnet mask,DNS to the router.. Help!!

  • Stiffler Apratim
  • abhishek jain

    Hi, I am using the same router as shown in the video – N150 WGR614
    I recently increased the broadband speed to 40Mbps, now when i connect directly through ethernet cable(router not involved) it shows 40mbps, but on wifi it does not go beyond 20mbps.
    this router should be able to support speeds upto 150Mbps right?

    anything that i am missing on?