Working Cisco IOS for GNS3

Here I am listing all the working versions of Cisco IOS which I have tested with the latest version of GNS3.

Feel free to download them and use them for your Cisco certifications studies.

  1. 1700 –
  2. 2600 – 
  3. 2691 –
  4. 3640 –
  5. 3660 –
  6. 3725 –
  7. 3745 –
  8. 7200 (v15) –
  9. 7200p (v15) –

Mirror Links:



If you face any problem setting it up with GNS3 drop me a message and I will get back to you asap.

GNS3 is an open source (GNU GPL) software that simulates complex networks while being as close as possible from the way real networks perform, all of this without having dedicated network hardware such as routers and switches.

GNS3 provides an intuitive graphical user interface to design and configure virtual networks, it runs on traditional PC hardware and may be used on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

In order to provide complete and accurate simulations, GNS3 actually uses the following emulators to run the very same operating systems as in real networks:

  • Dynamips, the well known Cisco IOS emulator.
  • VirtualBox, runs desktop and server operating systems as well as Juniper JunOS.
  • QEMU, a generic open source machine emulator, it runs Cisco ASA, PIX and IPS.

GNS3 is an excellent alternative or complementary tool to real labs for network engineers, administrators and people studying for certifications such as Cisco CCNA, CCNP andCCIE as well as Juniper JNCIA, JNCIS and JNCIE.

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  • Ronnie DSouza

    do you have any alternative solution for switch on GNS3 and how do we use L2IOU with GNS3

    • Sorry, I have not tried that yet.

    • Mahmoud Samy

      IOU layer 2 my friend will do almost all CCNP Switching Topics

  • Thomas Wunderlin

    I tried to setup a 7200p with your recommended image. Choose NPE-G2 and 1024 DRAM. I always get the following error: Lost communication with :[WinError 10053] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine. Do you have an idea? Could you describe it in more detail how you set it up? I use GNS3 1.1, the latest.
    Thank you

    • Ok I will make a tutorial ASAP on GNS3 setup. 🙂

      • Thomas Wunderlin

        Oh, that would be great! Thanks

        • Hi, I have posted the required article.. Check it out.

          • Anestis

            Hi Srijit and thank you for your blog post!
            Is there any benefit to using 7200p vs 7200? 7200 requires half the ram (512 vs 1Gig).

          • I’m not sure about it. I personally use 7200 only.

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  • Thomas Wunderlin

    Hi, 7200 with the normal routing engine is working fine. But what I am trying to emulate is the 7200 Router with the NPE-G2 routing engine to us IKEv2. For this the image with the letter “p” c7200p… is needed! Are you able to emulate that one ? Thanks

  • Martill Yu

    Hi the 7200p router download link is not working anymore. Please check on it. Thanks.

  • rajesh jindal


    i have uploaded a

    c7200p-advipservicesk9-mz.152-4.S5 in gns3.when i move the cursor on router 7200,a pop shows up and displays the router specification or parameters.
    can anyone pls tell me what is meaning of router running timing is 0.

    actually its getting change first it was 3 mnts then i changed the ram size to 512 and then it goes to 0 mnts from 3mnts.

    also when i try to console the router,its not showing the start-up configuration…..

    • Try 7200 IOS instead!

    • Prakash Rajendran

      c7200p-advipservicesk9-mz.152-4.S5 IOS is for POWER PC’s only! if ur pc or laptop is a conventional one it wont be able to run it. Try the other two instead it will work like a charm!

      • Thanks a lot for clarifying this. 🙂

      • rajesh jindal

        thanks for ur reply….
        can u pls tell me which ios i should use to run the cisco in gns3 ????

  • Honza Coudu Vodehnal

    Hi Srijit
    I’m looking for a way how to run VLANs on this gns3 routers. Please do you know how to do it ? name#(conf)vlan x doesn’t work.
    Any tips


    • Hi,
      I too faced the same problem. SInce we are working o switch modules here and not on real switched the command here is somewhat different.
      In privilege mode:
      vlan database
      vlan 10

      Vlan 10 will be created.

      • Honza Coudu Vodehnal

        Works perfect!

  • John Sila

    Thanks a bunch…

  • tundra prihantiko


  • Lekha Devendran

    can you post the cisco router that supports performance routing for GNS3 version 0.8

  • Jezze

    i dont know if im wrong… but when i first start any router i try to check the flash and theres no IOS… how come?

    • How’s that possible? Did your router boot up? Issue a show version and check the output.

      • Jezze

        Let me explain… i run GS3… then i place a Router xx.. then i start it up and let it boot then when i type #Show flash there’s nothing… crazy huh?

        • Bob

          you can also try R1#dir flash:

  • Sandeep

    Do you have IOS for 2811?

  • Jezze

    Srijit LOOK … that’s what i’m talking ’bout. I’ve tried everything and i can’t still see the flash.

  • Jezze

    i’m using the latest version of GNS3 (1.3.1). ever since i’ve change to GNS3 i’ve been through a lot… and i’m trying to use a router 3640 as a switch and when i type #Show vlan or Sh vlans… nothing it doesn’t recognize it. i’m thinking ’bout getting back to Packet tracer even though i know it’s a simulator, less realistic and command limited. But still good.

  • chirag

    i want to download cisco catalyst 3550 switch ios for gn3 please give me link

    • That is not supproted by GNS3. Use IOU images for Switching which supports both L2 and L3 switches.

  • Sampath Kawshalya

    anyone got call manger 8. x ?

  • Sunil Khandelwal

    Hi Srijit, Not able to download the IOS

  • Mohamed Hassan

    pleas i need Cisco sf 300 Ios image for gns3

  • Eric D Jarman

    Hello Srijit i’m getting out of bandwidth messages when I attempt to save the files to my system.

  • Fahad Malik

    Keep getting out of bandwidth issues. Any alternative ways to get these files?

  • Fahad Malik

    If anyone else is having out of bandwidth issues – you can download IOS images from here . I have not tested if these images are valid or not – but the links are working.

  • Pete

    This is a fantastic resource, thank so much for sharing! I was wondering if you might have, or know how to get, the IOS files for the 1900 series of routers and for the 3750 switches? Many thanks.

    • Thanks.
      1900 –
      3750 –

      They wont work with GNS3, I guess. Not tested. Yet if you have those devices you can do some up gradation stuffs and all..

      • Pete

        Thanks Srijit, you’re very helpful!

        • You are welcome Pete.

          • Pete

            I have 3 1921s, a 3750 switch and a Dell 6224 that I am using to build lab projects with and was hoping to emulate the networks in GNS3 before I build them for real

          • That’s great! I would suggest you to download the Cisco Switch IOU which will help you emulate almost real cisco switch from:

          • Pete

            Hey Srijit, thank you for that link. You have, as ever, been really helpful! I downloaded the compressed file there but it is asking me for a password to extract, would you know what that might be?

            Many thanks.

          • yuyiv

            Thanks for the information. Could you provide the password for the file?

          • Shady Fathy

            hi do you know the password

          • Shady Fathy

            hi srijit wats the password for .rar file


          • Shady Fathy

            Thx Srijit ur very helpful

          • You are welcome.

  • Bruna Sófia

    thank you < 😀 😀

  • Paul X. Moran

    The ios for the 2600 doesn’t seem to be working. I saved the bin file to my desktop, then loaded the ios to GNS3. Router kept throwing up error messages. can you help with this?

  • Paul X. Moran

    it says “memory requirements are “unknown”, you may be using an unsupported configuration or there is a software problem and system operation may be compromised.

  • Paul X. Moran

    I just found out that IOS 1941 is not supported in GNS3. is that true? Most of my labs that I used in my previous class used 1941 routers. I wanted to redo some of the labs as practice but see I can’t do that as GNS3 doesn’t support that version. Any ideas?

  • ctoomey

    Srijit, am not able to get the console to work with the Cisco 3725 or 3745 images from your site? The console initially loads, then freezes after a “ROMMMON emulation microcode”… Console works fine for the Cisco7200 through… Am using GNS3 in a Windows 8.1 environment. Have tried increasing the memory on the 3245 / 3725, but didn’t help…. any other suggestions?

  • Santhosh k dhanapal

    I download c7200 but saying that not a valid IOU Image what’s the procedure to overcome it

    • Hi,
      It is not an IOU image., It is an IOS Image. So, select accordingly.

  • Raj

    Hi Srijit,
    Can you please send IOS of any firewall model

  • Raj

    A5500 IOS ?

  • Raj

    Can you please share if u have any FW model

  • Muhammad Shuja

    Hello Sir,
    I have loaded PIX FW in my GNS, when i start PIX, it shows me interface really fast, but when I connect them with routers for testing, it shows me blank screen or boot really really slow, can you please help me out please!


    Muhammad Shuja

  • Bhupender Singh Bisht

    Sir This Side Bhupender,,

    How to do configure Idle Setting,
    I add 1700 and 2600 router image,
    when i am using three router of 1700 series My System RAM full use,
    I have intel i5 processor and 4 GB RAM,

    Sir I am Doing CCNA Course Last Month, and My class Saturday and Sunday, and Other 5 Day Job
    So plz Help Me,,

    • Hi,

      First of all try to use 7200 routers as they have the latest IOS v15 and is much more stable than 2600 and 1700. Next While adding the IOS for 2600/1700 check the RAM requirements. Then you must configure Idle PC value to make your system stable after you run the IOS.

  • Derrick Ochago

    Hey, I am trying to use the images on gns3 linked to ccp but they do not seem to have licenses so i can’t practice for my coming CCNA Security exam. Care to help??

    • The IOS in this page don’t require any additional license.

      • Derrick Ochago

        Why do I get that then. I am using the c7200 router.

        • Derrick Ochago

          Could you please advice accordingly. I want to configure security.

  • Donnell Curry

    Hello Srijit,

    I’ve been having a hard time using the 7200 image (c7200-advipservicesk9-mz.152-4.S5.bin) in GNS3, and getting my laptop to find a valid Idle PC value. I’ve even tried to download the image for the 7200 from the link you’ve provided above #8. Still getting the message “0xa000 is not a valid Idle PC value”. The only other 7200 image I’ve used and gotten a valid PC value is c7200-jk9s-mz.124-13b.bin, but when using that image, I’m getting some odd results when configuring various things such as GRE tunnels. Can you assist me with this?

  • manica gupta

    Hello Sir,

    I have downloaded the image for 7200. However , in GNS3 when I do show flash on the router I get the following message –

    R1#show flash
    Open device slot0 failed (No such device)
    (Try device DISK: for ATA media.)

    R1#show disk0
    No files on device
    67104768 bytes available (2198956115968 bytes used)

    R1#show file system
    File Systems:

    Size(b) Free(b) Type Flags Prefixes
    – – opaque rw system:
    – – opaque rw tmpsys:
    – – opaque rw null:
    – – opaque ro tar:
    – – network rw tftp:
    – – opaque wo syslog:

    522232 520754 nvram rw nvram:
    * 2199023220736 67104768 disk rw disk0:
    – – disk rw disk1:
    – – flash rw slot0: flash: <<—-
    – – flash rw slot1:
    – – flash rw bootflash:
    – – network rw rcp:
    – – network rw pram:
    – – network rw ftp:
    – – network rw http:
    – – network rw scp:
    – – network rw https:
    – – opaque ro cns:

    I am trying to create a directory for IPS and this what i get –

    R1#mkdir ipsdir
    Create directory filename [ipsdir]?
    %Error Creating dir disk0:/ipsdir (Bad service code)

    I would sincerely appreciate you guidance in this matter.



    (PS : I have also assigned 64mb to disk 0 and not able to format any of the drives , I get following message –

    R1#format disk0:
    Format operation may take a while. Continue? [confirm]
    Format operation will destroy all data in "disk0:". Continue? [confirm]

    *Jul 2 11:24:27.227: %ATA-6-ATA_STATUS_TIMEOUT: Timeout occurred while querying the status of ATA device.
    *Jul 2 11:24:31.267: %ATA-6-ATA_STATUS_TIMEOUT: Timeout occurred while querying the status of ATA device.

    %Error formatting disk0: (TF I/O failed in data-out phase)

    R1# )

    • Halexsandro De Freitas Sales

      Dear Manica,

      Can you try the steps:

      1) change directory to flash:

      cd flash:

      Rack1SW3#cd flash:


      2) erase flash:

      Rack1SW3#erase flash:

      Erasing the flash filesystem will remove all files! Continue? [confirm]

      Erasing device…

      Erase of flash: complete

      3) Squeeze flash:

      Rack1SW3#squeeze flash:

      Squeeze operation may take a while. Continue? [confirm]

      Squeeze of flash complete


      4) Try to create vlan again

      Rack1SW3(config)#vlan 3


      Rack1SW3(config)#int vlan 3


      To me, resolve my problem.


  • Z0OM

    Thanks a lot friend!

  • Z0OM

    Thanks alot friend

  • Z0OM

    Thanks alot friend!

  • Anthony

    Ek number……it started working…thanks a ton………….

  • cRoNus

    Thanks alot….

  • Owen

    Hey Srijit,

    Quick question, Which pre-IOU GNS3 version works with Cisco IOS 15.x?

  • Marquez Francisco

    Thank you sooo much for your Blog.
    It´s really helpful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Omar Nemo

    Thank you so much Srijit. Its very helpfull. 🙂

  • karazed

    Thank you very much Mr Srijiit ^^

  • hussain

    sreejith do you have a network design that has already been made. i want to learn , please can you get back to me asap

    • What kind of network design do you need? Please provide the topics which you want to learn.

  • Luke Kyawoo

    hello i have a problem with GNS3 IOU setup. When i setup IOU as bridge mode on virtual box, everything working fine among other VMs those are installed on my computer. However, the problem is that IP keep changing when i moved the laptop from office to home.

    And hence i have tried to setup IOU as NAT with port forwarding which gave me a lot of problems in setting up.

    Could you please advise is there any better way to setup?

  • Rabnawaz Sarmad Uqaili

    Bro i want to configure NAT64. but it is only supported by ASR 1000 series. Kindly provide me the link to download any of ios which supports nat64.

    • Mohammad

      I would like to work on NAT64 using GNS3 to complete my dissertation.
      Have you found a solution to download ASR 1000 series?
      Please help

      Thank you

  • Richard Mwanthi

    Hello Srijit, Kindly assist with the password for GNS3 IOU.rar

  • Richard Mwanthi

    I have downloaded the file and am not able to unzip it since it’s password protected.

  • Pradeep Gupta

    Hi Srijit,

    Can you provide valid 2811 Cisco router image, i tried with so many other images but that need license.


  • Thomas Alston

    Thank you for creating and sharing this. Trying to get my CCNA but don’t have thousands to buy routers and switches to create a lab. Again thank you for your time and efforts spent on this.

    • You are most welcome Thomas. Happy to help. 🙂

    • Brad Hewitt

      Hi there Thomas.
      I’ve recently acquired my CCNA and I have several routers (3600 series) and switches (3750 w/ POE) that are used. They were not expensive to purchase either; hundreds not thousands.

  • John Marx

    Please beware that IOS c3660-ik9o3s-mz.124-25d.bin stored @ MEGA is damaged!

    Damaged: 17.7 MB
    Good one: 33.1 MB

  • Dear Srijit,

    Do you know from where we can download ASA IOS Image and a CME IOS image?

    Thank you

    • I have ASA available on my site.

  • saif bin hasan

    Sir Can you please provide me 7200 series router version 12.4(20)T..Please sir i badly need this

    • Please check your mail. I have sent – c7200-adventerprisek9-mz124-15

    • Filip Knežević

      Hi Srijit, if you possibly see this, could you send me the same image? Can’t find it on the internet and I need that IOS for full functionality. Thank you.

  • Brad Hewitt

    Thank you for this resource. I am also looking for a 2911 router, a 2950-24, L2 switch and a 3560, L3 switch.

  • Janderson Fróes

    Thank you!

  • Silas

    Many thanks

  • Shawn Olson

    This is awesome, thank you so much!

  • Ram

    Dear sir,
    I’d be very much grateful to you if you could assist me in setting up ASA in GNS3. I am running into some issues.

  • Minthang Sitlhou

    Hi, Why is that all the links have the same IOS ? Am a bit confused here since am new to GNS3. Do i have to download all the IOS from each link or one link is enough?

  • muhammad ilyas

    can you please provide some IOS images for cisco switches? Please, it’s urgent

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  • Arpit Jain

    I have Small Business series switches.

    i installed GNS3 and download firmware from Cisco download support but firmware is not working on GNS3.

    So please provide IOS of SG300-28,SG500x-24,SG300-52 for GNS3.

  • Werinhein de juan

    Hey Srjit,
    Thank you a lot for uploading this images, greatly appreciated. I was wondering if u have or knew where i could find IOS that supports RSTP, been looking all around and i cant get to find them 🙁

  • wajih khilji

    hello..where can i find ios image of router 2801? plz help

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  • Ashish Solanki

    Hi Srijit

    Can you please provide the cisco 3750 ios image for gns3..

  • Balamurali Ganeshapandy

    Thanks for your support.

  • Qais

    I have download all the IOS images in zip folder but when i go to gns3 and Edit menu and then preferences and add image its not coming and will not be selected although i have extract them a new folder please kindly help
    ….my email : qais.ibrahimy@gmail

  • ankit mohanty

    hello sir,
    i have a problem with vmware in gns3 … i don’t know how to install it … i have vm ware workstation v11 installed on my pc .. but i do’t know how to connect with gns3 … and how to installed router and can you give link of basic of gns 3 which is very useful ……… the link provided for download for gns3 vm ware .. is not completed because of server refresh in every 45 minities and link disconnect

  • Ruchira Sheyan Perera

    This page was very useful for me. Thank you.

  • balvinder

    hello sir i need a 7200 series image where i can run “ip nhrp redirect ” command for dmvpn in gns3. please help me for that as soon as possible. please mail me .

    • Not possible, all ioses tested, ikev1 phase 2 works fine with c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.152-4.S7, but for direct spoke to spoke connection using ikev2 you need CSR 1000V that can be installed in VirtualBox and used in GNS3

  • Lionel Sichom

    Hello, thanks for your great post,PLease can you have c3560 IOS images?
    I f yes, please provide me with a link.

  • Orlando

    hello, looking for s72033-adventerprise-mz.151-2.SY9.bin ios for VS Core 6506 cisco, please help,

    • Sorry, I don’t have that available right now!

  • amrab

    Can you pls, help with Catalyst Switch C3750 IOS Image?

  • @MrAL_P

    Anyone else having issues with 7200p (v15) –

    …loops at boot

  • Nick Jones

    Hi All, I have downloaded gns and IOS from this site. Can anyone please email me instruction as to how to make it run on gns….frustrating. Iam able to run packet tracer.But Renes lab cannot run.thx

  • mathu

    Hallo Srijit,

    i am using c3725-adventerprisek9-mz124-15-bin ios. If i type the command
    show int breif: the router tels me this % Invalid input detected at
    ‘^’ marker. Can you pls give me a idea how to resolv the problem ?


  • Jerry

    Hello Srijit, I am new and a novice here in. I have downloaded and installed GNS3, but don’t know how to connect it with the IOS that I have downloaded from your site to get it working, would be kind to explain that to me? if not on the site here, my email is Thanks.

  • guruleenyc

    Thank you!!! This is very thoughtful and helpful to our community.

  • Shashikant Ajegaonkar

    which one supports the MPLS and Traffic Engineering

  • Tariq Durrani

    srijit , which router images in gns3 work accurately, i am having problems with 3725 and 7200, can you please help


    thanks you so much !!

  • Konaruki Hirasawa

    I have a problem. I cannot import .bin files to GNS3. Can you give me matching image files

  • Rizan Raheem

    hello srijit,
    i need 1941? is it available ?


    Thank you very much..Everything is perfect from my side..Stay blessed chief..

  • maghi.debu Maghi

    I have installed GNS3-1.3.4-all-in-one in windows 2012 R2 .When I am opening now router or security device showing

    could you please help me what is the problem ?

  • Masoud Farahnak

    Hi dear
    I need an ios for cisco 888 k9 for my gns3

  • Thanks!!!

  • Shashank Sharma

    Can’t Download 7200 (v15)

  • Mehul

    PLease I need Cisco ACS Server ISO evaluation version
    Thank you

  • Thanks, Learned a lot of new things from your post! Good creation and HATS OFF to the creativity of your mind.
    Very interesting and useful blog!
    CCNA Training in Gurgaon

  • arif khan

    Hi Thank you for this,
    I need Juniper SRX 240 firewall, Juniper Core switch EX8208 and Juniper Access Switch EX4200 GNS3 JUNOS, please help me. I am very thankful to you, please suggest me that from where I can get these JUOS file for the GNS3.
    my Mail id-
    Thank you.

  • Subhajit Paul

    do you have any ios file for layer 3 switch 3560???

  • chiranjeev kumar

    How to use .bin file 😩😩😩😩 pls help

  • shailesh kanojiya

    Please l need Cisco ios images for gns3, I downloaded above all 9 images but getting error missing files, how to get solve the error.

  • jajee

    dear sir, from where can i get the Cisco IE 3010 ios image for GNS3?