How to install vCenter Server 5.5 in Windows 7 OS

Recently I faced a lot of trouble installing vCenter Server 5.5 in Windows 7 OS. According to VM Ware documentation, we can’t install it on consumer grade OS like Windows 7 or Windows 8 as it only supports Windows Server based OS.

But it is no possible for many of home users studying for VCP Certification to setup by installing another Windows Server OS due to lack of resources. So the following post gives a quick tutorial on How to install vCenter Server 5.5 in Windows 7 OS.

1) Extract vCenter Server ISO using 7zip.


2) Download and install InstEd.

3) Download VMware vCenter Server – tc Server.

4) Go inside the folder where you have extracted the ISO.

5) Using windows search, search for “*.msi”(without the quotes).


6) Open InstEd.

7) Now drag each of the .msi file into InstEd.


8) Click on LaunchCondition table on the left side.

9) Modify the following for all the .msi files.

ConditionInstalled Or (VersionNT>=501) Or (VersionNT = 600 And MsiNTProductType <> 1) Or (VersionNT = 601 And MsiNTProductType = 3

where Description is: “[ProductNameShort] requires Windows Server 2008 or later. [ProductNameShort] cannot be installed on a Domain Controller.


10) Don’t install the vCenter Server using the autorun option. First install the downloaded tc Server (step 3).


11) Next install the VMware-SSO-Server, VMware vCenter Inventory Service, VMware-WebClient, VMware-vcserver sequentially.

12) After successful installation, you could run vCenter Server from Windows 7 Service Pack 1 64 bit OS without any issues…

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  • Glenn

    Thanks for the guide but not sure if followed it correctly:

    Installed Or (VersionNT>=501) Or (VersionNT = 600 And
    MsiNTProductType 1) Or (VersionNT = 601 And MsiNTProductType = 3

    This should be the string for LaunchCondition in each MSI? (where Description = [ProductNameShort] requires Windows Server 2008 or later. [ProductNameShort] cannot be installed on a Domain Controller.)

    Also, when I tried to install /vtcServer/VMware-tcserver.exe I get message that it can only be installed on Windows 2008 server. Can this be modified as well to install on Win 7 Pro?

    • Nicolay Artemyev

      When you start instalation ct server, when error become, do not close it! go to c:/users/profil_name/AppDataLocalTemp – and find new folder, (named {E3F2DA76-D93C-47A5-A5B0-34561D46E31D} from me) – copy this filder)) close error window, find msi file into coped folder, modifed him, and be happy )

  • Jerry Holzer

    Unfortunately, the modified version of tc server referenced is no longer available from the website. Could you possibly share where you got it from?

    • Dear Jerry,
      Please check the link now.

      • Jerry Holzer

        OK, I officially give up. I’ve been trying to make this work for months, but the VCenter installation always fails for some stupid dependency based on active directory. I even tried copying the AD executables from a working copy of windows server, but it eventually fails complaining “setup cannot create vcenter server directory services instance”
        No, I’m not on a domain.

        • Desrtsweeper

          An old thread but I thought I would help anyone who stumbles on this. I got the same error. It wants:
          Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) for Windows7
          to be installed, which is available for win7. Google it. Install that and it then moves past that error.
          Also – where the author says “modify” in step 9 what he means to say it right-click on that and delete the entire row.

  • Patrick Donker

    I’ve got this working succesfully, thanks for the how-to, but does this also work with vCenter 6?? Like to know this before I do the upgrade 😉

    • Patrick Donker

      Reply to self:
      Merely modifying the LaunchCondition doesnt work in vCenter 6. After replacing all the OS checks it still pops up that it requires W2008 or worse.

  • Khalidologist

    please, I have two-question

    you say we modify all the conditions that its description as follow >> where Description is: “[ProductNameShort] etc

    or we modify all msi files ( conditions and description )

    my second question is How can I install vCenter 6 on windows 10, does that methodology works with it or we will need a new method

    many many many thanks in Advance